Collaborate as if you are in the same room.

Use RemoteHQ as your virtual office, meeting room, war room, or classroom. Do a lot more than just video conference and screen share. No download.

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Bring all your apps into one place

Customize your room by adding apps to it. Collaborate in Google Docs, review a Figma design, and discuss via video chat without toggling a single tab.

Shared Browser

Co-browse and co-control any web page

Turn any website instantly collaborative, so multiple people can click, scroll, and type away. No more "click that button; no, the other button".


Customize your layout

On RemoteHQ, each participant controls their own layout. Emphasize an important document, focus on faces or keep watch over it all.


Save your work across recurring meetings

Same room, same apps, different day. Automatically carry over content from one meeting to the next, so you can immediately pick up where you left off.

Knowledge Base

Automatically capture session output

Never lose track of files, notes, or recordings again. Forgot who was a part of that session? RemoteHQ has you covered.

We understand your workflow

Use your favorite tools within RemoteHQ to be the most productive

This could be your next meeting

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Open any file in the workspace and move tiles around to create your perfect layout

Name your sessions, so you can easier find it after the meeting

The tools you love, all in one place

Keep in touch with your team, even while presenting documents

Trusted by high performance teams

Teams of every size and mission have made RemoteHQ their collaboration hub.

Remote work is about to get productive.