The Always-On Approach in Remote Work

Casey Zheng Casey Zheng
The Always-On Approach in Remote Work

RemoteHQ as an Always-On Channel 💡

In the new era of remote work, most of us are only interacting with our coworkers when we dial into a scheduled meeting, which can be a few minutes to a few hours a day. There are no more coffee breaks, run-ins at the kitchen, sharing a quick story at our desks, or socializing at lunch. This drastically limits our interactions and relationship building between coworkers. An always-on approach could start to bridge this gap. This is an approach where team members are dialed in for more than just scheduled meetings. Datapay does just that - they are a company that has provided payroll services for over 40 years, and when covid hit this year, they needed to find a new way to interact with their customers and also with each other in real time.

Their office work is a hybrid, with team members both in the office and working remotely. When someone is working remotely, they are shown on a TV in the office through RemoteHQ so they hear and see everything that is going on in the workspace. This is important as Datapay has many customers calling in with questions. It’s necessary for teammates to be able to keep track of what’s happening on each call and also easily ask questions to one another through the RemoteHQ platform.

“It saves us time on the backend because instead of us trying to call/message somebody, we can turn to them and ask. Or you already know what happened since everybody is in the same RemoteHQ room. It’s literally like we are in the office” says Ryan O’Sullivan, a Partner at Datapay.  

Their office uses RemoteHQ throughout the entire work day as a way for everyone to be connected and the team loves it. When they aren’t taking customer calls, the team uses their always-on approach to catch up and interact as if everyone were in the office. They can easily “turn around” and speak to their coworker next to them - the remote vs in person experience has been unified.

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