Apps Launcher now live!

Casey Zheng Casey Zheng
Apps Launcher now live!

Apps Launcher now live! 🚀

With Apps Launcher, you can easily navigate around RemoteHQ without having to move from your keyboard. You can save time since you no longer need your mouse and if you forget where something is, just hit Cmd+K and search for it!  

Below, we’ll highlight some of the key features of App Launcher.

Search anything in Google and pull up results in Shared Browser.

Paste in or look up a Youtube link and you can automatically open it up the YouTube app or Shared Browser. This is the same for Trello, Figma, and any of our other app integrations.

Type in camera, audio, microphone, mute, etc to see all the related functions. You can easily find what you’re looking for and there’s no need to remember exactly what a function is called in order to use it.

Use “:” for reactions.

Other Apps Launcher functions:

  • Start screen share
  • Maximize and minimize participants
  • Sync layouts
  • Leave session
  • Open chat
  • Share Google doc
  • Open notes
  • etc...

Apps Launcher is available for guests but they are restricted to limited actions.

Learn more on YouTube here. Try hitting Cmd+K and see where it can take you!

Casey + RemoteHQ Team