9 Best Platforms and Tools for Freelancers to Make More Money

Casey Zheng Casey Zheng
9 Best Platforms and Tools for Freelancers to Make More Money

Thanks to the internet, people can live, work, and operate in unique and inspiring ways. As remote working becomes the new normal for the job market, freelancing is becoming the most popular employment form globally. There is no doubt that many freelancers are working in teams or in ad hoc agencies.

There are numerous advantages of being a freelancer, such as managing your own time in projects and having freedom. But not everything is flawless when you start freelancing. As you make your transition from a 9/5 job to freelancing, you will realize that there are many obstacles to deal with to grow your business. Or if you're doing freelance as a side hustle, there are still hurdles to overcome to get started. Working with clients fully remotely in the current climate also poses new challenges.

The good news is that you can find many online tools and platforms to support your freelance work. Or manage your time and finances, boost your productivity and grow your client list in efficient ways. Read on for our list of favorite online tools for freelancers, freelance teams, and ad hoc agencies.

1. Rimuut

Rimuut enables you to act like a company without starting a real one, saving you from bureaucracy and paperwork regardless of your location. Rimuut gives you the freedom of invoicing your clients with different currencies without starting a traditional company globally. They help your virtual company be paid in time. If you want to be paid quickly and securely and stop worrying about the payments, check out Rimuut’s services.

To those who work beyond borders! Suppose you are working with clients from different countries and avoiding starting a traditional company because of extra costs, paperwork, and unnecessary financial operations. In that case, you should definitely start your virtual company with Rimuut now. The good news is there is no setup fee for starting your virtual company. You can create your virtual company right away without any bureaucracy to reduce your operating costs. By using Rimuut’s financial solutions, you will be using your time wisely. And time means more money for freelance teams. We have an exclusive 20% discount offer for those interested in our community, use the code “REMOTEHQ21” after signing up here.

2. Qwilr

Who doesn't want to create great-looking docs at speed? You don't need to be a designer to prepare proposals that look great.  Now, Qwilr enables you to design-perfect proposals, quotes, client updates, and more.

Using the platform's simple editor, ready-to-use templates, and modular structure segments, you will be able to create flawless documents fast and hassle-free. Also, you can integrate other software to Qwilr like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Xero.

3. Trello

Productivity is the key to grow your business. We don't know any other platform that can increase your team's productivity better than Trello. Suppose you want to organize and follow-up on your projects by simplifying the project management system. In that case, you should definitely check out Trello. Signing up to Trello is free, but if you are interested in upgrading your account to Business Class, the price goes up to $9.99 per month, per user. Download for iOS, Mac, Android, and Web here. Trello is an excellent tool for freelancers looking to plan their workload and manage a team. They are also integrated into RemoteHQ's platform for easy use.

4. HelloSign

Yes, when we imagine the 2020s, we thought we'd be done with papers. Unfortunately, if you have a freelance business, you still have to sign a lot of documents. And as you all painfully know, printing out a document, signing it, and scanning it again is a tremendous time-consuming job. Using HelloSign enables you to sign papers electronically on your desktop or smartphone. Also, you can send it back without printing or scanning anything.

5. Toggl

Every independent professional knows how crucial it is to keep track of your time carefully, for your own interest as well as for your customers. Toggl is a popular time tracking software for freelancers. The most helpful thing about Toggl is its simplicity, just sign up, download the browser extension, and start working on a project. Freelancers can record, plan, and inspect their time thoroughly by project, customer, or team member. Also, reports can be downloaded in CSV or PDF format; it is an excellent feature if you share your billable hours' itemized breakdown.

6. Goodbudget

No matter how organized you are, you want to be ready for the ups and downs of freelance life. Without a secured paycheck every period, controlling your capital is even exceeding critical if you have a self-employed team. Goodbudget offers you everything you might need to manage your money, cut your business costs, pay off debts, and save for the future.

7. Calendly

Arranging meetings with busy customers can be time-consuming and challenging. Sometimes it is even more disturbing if small meetings and phone calls begin disrupting your working hours. That's why this online meeting planner is a great invention! You start by inserting your choices and then share a link with your team or clients who want to set up a meeting. For example, you don't want to give up your morning meditation time, you can arrange it as a no meeting hour.

8. Figure It Out

This one is crucial for freelance teams that work globally. If your clients are in other countries, simply enter your clients' locations that you like to keep track of. FIO will provide you the current time in all locations each time you open a different tab in Chrome. It is a super simple app that will enable you to catch your meetings and deadlines on time, no matter where in the world you're working from.

9. Screencastify

It is wise to get a free screen recording app if your team works remotely, right? Yes, we agree with the internet memes; some meetings can be an email. This is an add-on for Chrome that you can use to replace hundreds of random emails with an uncomplicated video recording of your computer screen. This platform will give you a chance to walk clients through a new design or piece of writing you’re working on. Share briefs to partners or contractors, or produce explainer videos instead of writing long, detailed documents.

Thanks to Rimuut for guest posting on our blog. Rimuut enables freelancers to create tax-deductible invoices from anywhere in the world, for any business around the world, and get paid in more than 60 currencies. Signing up to Rimuut is absolutely free and you only pay when you get paid. We got an exclusive 20% discount offer for those interested in our community, so don’t forget to use the code “REMOTEHQ21” after signing up here.