Call into RemoteHQ Sessions!

Mia Nguyen Mia Nguyen
Call into RemoteHQ Sessions!

📞 Dial into your next session

Taking our first step towards mobile support, RemoteHQ now allows guests & users to dial into sessions. Our team recognizes that we’re constantly on the go. So, the next time that you’re headed out, bring RemoteHQ with you!

Team members can access dial-in information in two ways:

  1. Clicking ‘Invite Participants’ on the room sessions page. This will show the room URL, dial-in information, and guest availability.
  2. Clicking the “Access’ button while in a RemoteHQ session. This will bring forth the dial-in information as well as guest availability.
Two images of how individuals can access the dial-in information on RemoteHQ's platform.

Whether you’re from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, or the United States - we can support all of you!

🗓️ Add it to your calendar invite!

As a friendly reminder, make sure to leverage RemoteHQ’s Google Calendar extension. Add a RemoteHQ room at the click of the button, and have the room URL and dial-in information populate immediately in the invite description.

Image of RemoteHQ's calendar extension that includes the dial-in information.

This feature was highly requested and we’re thrilled to be delivering it! If there are other suggestions, requests, or feedback for RemoteHQ please let us know. We will always listen to you and build for you!

Talk soon,

Mia & the RemoteHQ team