Coming Soon: Workspaces - a better way to collaborate with your team!

Mia Nguyen Mia Nguyen
Coming Soon: Workspaces - a better way to collaborate with your team!

The RemoteHQ team has been cooking up something new for you all!

📣Introducing Collaborative Workspaces

In just a few weeks, Workspaces will be your team’s new home base for your rooms, sessions, and more.

While trying out these new capabilities, our teams’ favorite parts were:

Unique Meeting Rooms: No longer is there the need to come up with crazy unique meeting room names (bye-bye “DailyStandUp123”👋 ) because rooms are now tied to your company and workspace. Moving forward, the URL of meeting rooms will be “”

Simplicity in Sharing: Missed a meeting? Want to see what your team members were working on? Anyone in the workspace with room access has visibility into the full history of sessions and their artifacts (i.e. chats, notes, uploaded files, audio recording, etc). Never again miss a beat as we’ve captured the content for you!

Flexibility in Room Ownership: Rather than the single room owner having the ability to launch apps, now all team members will be empowered to do so. This permits anyone in the workspace to continue driving forward even when the host is not in attendance - making the opportunities for collaboration endless!

👀Keep An Eye Out On…

More Time to Collaborate Safely - on us!

As we continue to do our part while staying apart to reduce the spread of COVID-19, RemoteHQ has been offering free access to our platform. We’re thrilled to extend this FREE offer until August 1st so your team can have another two months free in the HQ!


Starting August 1st, we’ll be adjusting our pricing. There will no longer be a free tier but rather individual plans starting at just $15/month. Simple team-based pricing is $15/month for each team member invited to your workspace. To ensure teams are able to continue collaborating externally, sessions with guests, customers, or anyone outside the workspace will continue to be included!

Next Steps Towards Further Collaboration

We’re aiming to roll out workspaces sometime in June!!

In the meantime, you can expect to hear from the RemoteHQ team with more details and tips on how to prepare for the transition. As always, we’re here to answer any questions as we build for one another, alongside one another 💪

Stay tuned, get pumped, and share feedback anytime. We’ll see you in the new HQ workspace soon!

With excitement,

Mia & the RemoteHQ team