Access Figma from Apps!

Mia Nguyen Mia Nguyen
Access Figma from Apps!

🎨 Figma is now an app!

We at RemoteHQ believe that simplifying is organizing. That’s why we’re continuing to integrate tools our users are sharing they repeatedly use through screenshare or shared browser. Next up, is Figma!

Now, members can open a Figma document to review together without leaving RemoteHQ. No more uploading files, emailing the link, or showcasing over screenshare.

Quickly share files or specific boards without switching context and losing focus. Teams can also leverage our Google Drive or Notes app to capture feedback and next steps side by side in the workspace.

To launch Figma, click the “Open Apps” button in any session or launch directly from pasted links in the chat.

Start sharing,

Mia & the RemoteHQ team