Intercom Integration is live! 🎉

Casey Zheng Casey Zheng
Intercom Integration is live! 🎉

Our Intercom integration is live! Check us out in Intercom’s New and Noteworthy collection! You can now use all of your favorite RemoteHQ features with your customers to resolve questions more efficiently. Simply bring them into a room and discuss over video/audio and more.

Our platform enables sales, support, and customer success teams to escalate an Intercom chat into a live interactive co-browsing session with embedded video/audio chat. You can jointly control your web app with customers, while video/audio chatting, using our proprietary Shared Browser. Provide a personal touch to your service. No download. No code changes. Give your customers a delightful experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Use Cases:

Support and Customer Success teams - Show customers how to use your service through video/audio, screen share, Shared Browser, whiteboard, etc all on RemoteHQ. Resolve their issues interactively within their accounts by co-browsing with them. Take and give control of the screen seamlessly.  Increase customer retention rate & shorten issue resolution time.

Sales teams - Show an interactive demo through screen share, Shared Browser, Google Slides, etc. Hand over control to give prospects an instant test drive and take it back by easily switching guest permissions. Show them how to use your web app, how to login, how to update their payment information, the list goes on. Reduce sales cycle and boost sales conversion. Close your prospects live.

Learn more here or try out a live demo to see how it works.