Introducing RemoteHQ 🎉

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Introducing RemoteHQ 🎉

Let's face it - every company above a certain size is a remote company with a distributed workforce.

The Remote Landscape is Changing 🌪️

A large company has teams striped across different offices and locations. Sometimes even different wings of the same large building.

Another fact - every small and medium-size company that can't hire fast enough and competing for talent is thinking how to hire beyond existing geographical footprint. This, coupled with high cost of living (and thus salaries) in certain locales are forcing companies big and small to re-think their remote work strategy.

What they gain in expansion mobility comes with risks and steep costs. This consideration arises even when a company expands from one to two locations. For many employees, they just want the flexibility to get work done, without overhead and distraction.

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Um... yeah

With a team across different locations, things we all take for granted in an office suddenly become challenges:

  • Presence
  • Verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Synchronous and asynchronous collaboration
  • Cultural bonding and cohesion

Think about all the ways people interact when they are in the same physical space, all the way from effortless small talk to working together.

As the workforce splinters, collaboration tools, such as video conferencing and screen share, a 30-year old technology, address only a limited dimension of the whole in-person experience. Seeing and hearing each other, or viewing a document or website together is just insufficient. How many times have you heard "let's tweak this line" and "which line are you referring to?"? Or fumbled to un-screen share and re-screen share multiple apps or browser tabs.

The whole remote experience using existing tools today tends to be, well, clunky.

Broadly speaking, this happens not only within internal team collaborations, but also "rhymes" with many other types of external "collaborations" - think sales, support, customer success, training and on-boarding sessions done over the web.

A New Remote Work Stack ⚡

Most collaboration tools were built when companies and teams were tied to single geography. But teams are quickly expanding across the country and the globe. We need a new "remote work stack", purpose-built to holistically address the challenges mentioned above.

These are the problems RemoteHQ solves.

RemoteHQ in action!

We are re-imagining what it is like to have a virtual workspace for distributed teams to easily connect with one another and get work done together. Our platform enables remote teams to collaborate as if they were co-located in the same physical space. As an added bonus, we wanted to provide this experience in an intuitive manner all running in your browser; No installation required!  

An example collaboration session, all in a single browser tab

Every team has its own workflow and idiosyncrasies. We take a non-prescriptive approach - keep your workflow and the way you and your team work. We just make it much easier. Name your workspace/room URL so it's easy to remember (no more long random-looking URL that expires). Stay in the room with your team as an always-on audio/video channel, or jump in and out of the room easily on an as-needed basis, since it's all URL-based. Think of the room/workspace as the virtual equivalent of your team being in a physical together.

Bring Your Web Tools and Keep Your Workflow 😺

Access your favorite 3rd party web tools in RemoteHQ via our Shared Browser app, and make them all fully co-browsable and co-editable. With the Shared Browser, you can turn any web app instantly collaborative, without lifting a finger (well... you do have to click once to launch the Shared Browser app).

We take a platform approach and play well with others. We have a collection of other apps, each serving a specific purpose, that you can quickly mix and match in each session, based on your use case.

Finally, we backhaul all the "artifacts" you generate from your session into your session logs, so you don't have to worry about record-keeping. Your notes, recordings, transcriptions, uploaded files, tile snapshots, etc. all get auto-saved to your session log for future reference.

Try Us Out 👩‍💻

Sign up for our Pro plan to get 15 free sessions. If you'd like more credits, sign up for a 20-min on-boarding session in the link below. Don't worry, if you run out of Pro sessions, we have a forever free plan too.

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