RemoteHQ integrates Miro to add richer visual collaboration

Waikit Lau Waikit Lau
RemoteHQ integrates Miro to add richer visual collaboration

We at RemoteHQ are excited to offer Miro as a new app on our platform! Starting today, any RemoteHQ user can launch Miro in a tile within any RemoteHQ room.

Visual collaboration is a big part of enhanced productivity for distributed teams. Having Miro as part of our app suite enables teams to launch a digital whiteboard within the RemoteHQ’s workspace. Product managers, engineers, designers, marketers and other visual collaborators can now access a richer tool to co-create within the same digital workspace.

Reduce collaboration friction

Team alignment is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to remote work. Things can get misaligned easily, having multiple tabs and apps opened while chatting with your team. This creates friction in your planning, documentation, strategic direction, product vision and so on.

But here’s a better way to align the communication across your tech team, product leaders, executives and managers. Using RemoteHQ and Miro, we combine multiple collaborative modes into a single browser tab, so it is intuitive and simple.

You can launch the Miro app in RemoteHQ, and choose any Miro templates (i.e. Product Roadmap templates) and immediately start brainstorming, while keeping your video calls and chat ongoing. The result is not only visually driven, but also seamlessly collaborative and real-time.

The new work stack for distributed teams

RemoteHQ, a virtual office and collaboration workspace, makes it easy for users to work effectively together from anywhere. We offer “full-stack” remote tools that cover your remote work routines. For example:

  • Shared browser with co-browsing that replaces screen share so room participants can “co-edit” on any screens interactively. Load your favorite third-party web applications into a RemoteHQ room and interact on it with other participants
  • Shared note-taking allows room participants to collaborate on ideas
  • Shared whiteboard brings together your team for creative brainstorming session (this is where Miro comes in!)
  • Easy collaboration on any file
  • Session log keeps track your artifacts from your meetings - retrievable and downloadable anytime in your dashboard

The rise of remote work demands a more streamlined, real-time and collaborative way to work together from anywhere. Over time, we will not only be extending existing features but also adding more useful apps to enable different ways teams can collaborate. Miro fills in a critical piece in the visual collaboration area.

How to get the Miro app in RemoteHQ

Sign up and create a free account at RemoteHQ.  Then:

  • Create a RemoteHQ room with your customized room name
  • Copy the room URL and invite your team members to your RemoteHQ room
  • If you’re the room owner, you can open up Miro from our “Add App” collection
  • Create a Miro account for free or sign in to your existing Miro account
  • Start visually collaborating with your distributed colleagues, chat, screen share, note-take - all in the same workspace!

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