Save Time & Increase Productivity with Apps that Persist Across Sessions

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Save Time & Increase Productivity with Apps that Persist Across Sessions

You can now persist app content in your RemoteHQ room. By saving your team’s work between sessions, you can quickly pick up where you left off, leading to more productive meetings.

What's new

The following apps support persistence:

  • Notes
  • Whiteboard
  • YouTube

How it works

When you enable app persistence, the content from your last session will carry over to future sessions.

For example, your team can make a list of action items in one session, and then assign an owner to each item in the next session.

Just click the toggle button in the header of your app.

How to enable/disable persistence

When you turn off app persistence, content is no longer maintained but you can still access the app artifacts from previous sessions in your room's dashboard.

Check out the following video, which demonstrates how notes are persisted across sessions.

Creating and updating persistent notes in RemoteHQ

Use cases

Here are a few ways app persistence can help your team be more productive:

  • Aggregating notes for recurring meetings, such as daily or weekly standups
  • Iterating over diagrams, designs and wire frames
  • Sending a link to a RemoteHQ room with persisted apps (Shared Browser demo & Google Slides or uploaded powerpoint presentation) as a sales leave-behind
  • Monitoring progress of a video series or watchlist
  • Leaving instructions for team members in a later shift or time zone

App persistence opens up opportunities for asynchronous collaboration. If one of your teammates need to refer to or make a change to any app in the room, she can re-enter the room anytime to make those edits without needing anyone else to be there.

This major feature turns a RemoteHQ room into a virtual container of apps that can allow for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration for teams.

With persistent apps, we make collaboration much easier. Let us know what you think! You can send feedback to: [email protected]

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