The Power of Shared Browser

Casey Zheng Casey Zheng
The Power of Shared Browser

The Power of Shared Browser ⚡

Of all the RemoteHQ features, Shared Browser is the most used and most impressive -  it’s a tool that is unique to our platform.

So what exactly is a Shared Browser?

Shared Browser is a cloud-based browser that gives control to multiple participants. The tool allows our users to co-browse and co-control any web page. You can turn any website instantly collaborative, where multiple people can click, scroll, and type during the session. With screenshare, only one person is controlling the screen and therefore controlling the narrative. With Shared Browser, there is no more miscommunication saying "click that button; no, the other button" during meetings. Teammates can move the conversation along faster as passing control of the screen is seamless.

Shared Browser is ephemeral, meaning your privacy is protected and  information will not be saved. Every browser session is a newly constructed fresh browser instance. You can also choose your browser region to have the highest fidelity end user experience.

Use Shared Browser for:

  • 👫Internal Collaboration
  • 🤝Sales Demos
  • 💁Customer Support
  • 🎓E-Learning
  • 🧠War Rooms

...and much more.

See Shared Browser in action for a team meeting (shown from one participant’s screen) -

Casey starts the Shared Browser to discuss a Google slide deck.

Lucas wants to kick off the discussion on slide 4 so he moves there from his screen (all the cursors are labeled for easy distinction between participants).

Now the team wants to make a template but doesn’t know how so Irene jumps in using google search.

Irene then wants to talk about SEO best practices and uses YouTube to look it up.

The team experience is fully in-sync - they see and control the same browser. They can also simultaneously be messaging and using other RemoteHQ features like reactions.

As you can see, everyone on the team can easily work together on the same screen and collaborate without having to context switch between windows and different participants sharing their screen. This is a huge time saver and drastically improves productivity.

Try it out for yourself!

Casey + RemoteHQ Team