Record video during sessions!

Casey Zheng Casey Zheng
Record video during sessions!

🎥 You can now record your sessions!

RemoteHQ now allows you to record video during sessions! We are thrilled to be releasing this feature as it has been the #1 asked for request. You can easily start recording your session screen by going into the app gallery and selecting “session recording”. To end the recording, just click “stop recording” in the lower navigation bar.

Gif of Session Recording.

RemoteHQ will capture each recording as a session artifact for you to review afterward. Whether this is used for recording interviews, sales demos, team calls, or more - RemoteHQ has you fully covered!

Gif of Session Recording in Session History.

🧠 What you need to know

While leveraging session recording, please make note of the following:

  • Users cannot record the session when another recording is being processed in the same room within the same session. Processing and saving simply takes a few minutes and then you can continue on!
  • Users cannot do session recording and audio recording at the same time. This is not subject to the previous limitation as a session recording and audio recording can be done right after one another in the same session.

Have fun recording sessions,

Casey + RemoteHQ Team