A New Era for the RemoteHQ Notes App

Waikit Lau Waikit Lau
A New Era for the RemoteHQ Notes App

At RemoteHQ we’ve always prided ourselves on the power of our Notes App. Easy to use, collaborative, and built into every single video conference you have.

We built our Notes App with speed and ease in mind. The content is easily reviewable after every session and is sharable with participants.

While we built an in-session app that made taking notes while conferencing easy, we also knew we could do more for our users. After polling our existing users we found three notable areas we could improve:

  • We used a Markdown editor and this confused users unfamiliar with Markdown.
  • Users wanted quick access to keyboard shortcuts for basic text formatting (i.e. Cmd+B = Bold)
  • Users thought the share menu and the share status should merge into one, clear, unified dropdown menu

We took all feedback we got into consideration, and we hope our new update to Notes showcases that.

Using the refreshed Notes App you now have full access to the tools and shortcut keys familiar to you! Cmd+B makes bold your key findings, Cmd+I italicizes your most important points.

We’ve also made sure to make sharing the Notes App, which sits on a tile, easier than ever. Taking feedback into consideration, we created a unified share menu that makes sharing clearer and simpler.

What’s the catch you might ask? Nothing! All these great features come with no set back at all. The artifacts from your Notes App are still always reviewable, and the tile the Notes App sits in is as adjustable as ever!

Use the refreshed Notes App in your next team meeting, sales demo, support call, or training session. After that, feel free to reach out to us at with any feedback!