RemoteHQ for Zoom is Live!

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RemoteHQ for Zoom is Live!

We are excited to announce the release of RemoteHQ for Zoom!

We developed in collaboration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. a unique opportunity to bring our Remote Browser to their virtual meeting experience. With our app for Zoom, you can now seamlessly co-browse and co-control any website with others in a Zoom meeting! Instead of screen sharing a website, use our Remote Browser and instantly turn any website into a collaborative experience.

See how you can collaborate over any website instantly on a Zoom call

For our new Zoom users who didn’t already know about us, here’s a brief description of our revolutionary solution.

3 Reasons Why RemoteHQ beats traditional screen sharing

The RemoteHQ Remote Browser is an ephemeral browser in the cloud, designed for secure, high-speed, web-based collaboration.

  • It’s secure because each browser session, by default, is a freshly installed browser, helping prevent malware from ever reaching your computer.
  • It’s super fast because the remote browser sends minimal packets of information to your terminal, unlike your regular screen sharing tool
  • It’s the new standard for remote collaboration because the Remote Browser enables joint control of any web-based screen, with anyone. It can turn web browsing into a multiplayer, cobrowsing experience, minimizing miscommunication between users and replacing the back and forth inherent in screen sharing.

More about screen sharing and the remote browser…

While screen sharing only allows others to view but not control a shared page, Remote Browser allows you to seamlessly hand over tools to someone else. Simply access any website with your Remote Browser and share the URL with anyone to co-control. You can selectively give viewing or control rights to anyone. The power of Remote Browser is awesome.

5 Ways to Use RemoteHQ for Zoom

We’ve seen our general purpose app used across a broad spectrum of use cases. Here’s the short list, but for more, go here or here.

  • Team collaboration such as stand-ups
  • Customer support
  • Customer on-boarding and training
  • Sales demos
  • Education
  • And many others……

How To Get Started with RemoteHQ for Zoom

It's very simple and takes only a few seconds.

First, find RemoteHQ for Zoom in the Zoom App Marketplace (or go directly to our Zoom Integration Page). Follow the instructions to connect your Zoom account and share the app with others in the Zoom meeting.

What is the pricing?

We strive for simplicity. Every Zoom user gets a 40-minute free trial. You can use those minutes in one meeting or cumulatively across multiple meetings. Once those minutes are consumed, we charge a flat $5 per month for you to continue using it.

We think so!

Questions and feedback?

Please reach out to us at