RemoteHQ Goes Mobile

Mia Nguyen Mia Nguyen
RemoteHQ Goes Mobile

📱 Mobile Mode

RemoteHQ is now supported on iOS for those iPhone and iPad lovers! With our single URL sign-in (, participants can enter their session one of three ways:

  1. Manually type the room URL directly into Safari
  2. Copy & paste URL into Safari
  3. Click the direct room link from a calendar invite, email, or messaging platform
Gif of joining a RemoteHQ session via mobile mode.

Our mobile mode is best for view-only communication. It equips participants with full access to audio and visual, but engagement with applications like Shared Browser and Notes are limited. Upon dialing in, all tiles will be visible. To maximize or minimize a tile, simply click anywhere in the box to enlarge or shrink the individual or application.

Three images of what mobile mode looks like on an iOS phone.

A few things to keep in mind while engaging with our mobile mode:

  • This is not a mobile app that requires installation. You can access a RemoteHQ session by leveraging your mobile Safari browser.
  • Do not hit the back button on Safari’s window application as it’ll cause you to leave the room.
  • Only cloud-based applications, notes, transcription, and recording are available on mobile. Access to apps like Google Drive, Figma, and Trello will not be viewable by mobile participants.
  • Mobile mode has been and will continue to remain available to Android users as well.

With this knowledge, our team uses mobile mode when we need to communicate while on the go but desire to view participants’ videos and keep track of the session notes. If you’re in an environment where video may not be best, you can always dial into your session! To untap the potential of RemoteHQ’s collaborative apps in your session, we advise folks to sign in via a desktop.

See you on the go,

Mia & the RemoteHQ team