How to use RemoteHQ’s Salesforce Integration

Casey Zheng Casey Zheng
How to use RemoteHQ’s Salesforce Integration

As RemoteHQ has assisted an increasing number of sales teams with our collaborative browsing platform, we’ve gotten many requests for a Salesforce integration. And it’s finally live! We're extremely excited to further equip our users with the best of breed CRM solution without having to leave RemoteHQ.

The integration allows you to send all of your session history data directly into your Salesforce account. This includes meeting dates, notes, and all participants. You are able to send the information directly to a specific account or client in Salesforce. You are also able to add/update comments and notes before pushing them into your Salesforce account - note that these changes will not be reflected in your RemoteHQ session history. This exciting integration means you no longer need to manually transfer your notes from different platforms into Salesforce, just push a button to send everything from RemoteHQ after a call. Everything is finally in one easy to access place!

How to Use

  • Integrate your RemoteHQ account with your Salesforce account.
  • After a session, you will see the option to send the information to Salesforce. Simply click the button to get started.
  • Assign the call to the appropriate account or opportunity from Salesforce.
  • Then you can update the call name and notes as necessary. The session link and notes you took during the call are automatically included.
  • Send to Salesforce!

Best Practices

  • If you want to add in the session summary link to your notes in Salesforce and share with external guests, remember to enable the public link.  The session link automatically imports into Salesforce.
  • Name each session right as you start the meeting since this will automatically populate as the subject of the call log when pushed into Salesforce. (We suggest calling out the subject as the company or account name to make things easier.)
  • Add additional notes before sending to Salesforce so you don’t have to go back into Salesforce later to add eg. next steps. (We suggest doing this right after each session so the meeting is still top of mind.)
  • Utilize RemoteHQ’s full search functionality to find previous sessions and notes. You can search through your entire RemoteHQ workspace with ease. The single text input searches across room names, notes, chat messages, audio transcriptions, file names, and session names. Anything in your session artifacts will be combed through in the search.

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The integration is only available in the Business or Enterprise pricing plan. Please reach out to if you’d like to schedule a demo or  have any questions.