Search for anything in RemoteHQ! 🔍

Casey Zheng Casey Zheng
Search for anything in RemoteHQ! 🔍

We’ve launched our new search function! You can now search through your entire RemoteHQ workspace with ease. The single text input searches across room names, notes, chat messages, audio transcriptions, file names, and session names. Anything in your session artifacts will be combed through in the search. Now you don’t have to remember what meeting that one thing was said in or which room a meeting took place - just search for it. This will help you and your team be more efficient and productive as you save time navigating the platform.

How to use

  • The search box is always on the top left corner of your RemoteHQ workspace
  • Ctrl+f or Cmd+f launches the search box
  • Start typing and the drop down menu will begin populating different results for your search
  • You can search for room names, notes, chat messages, transcriptions, file names, and session names
  • Scroll down to view all of the items that matched your search
  • If you don’t see what you’re looking for, continue refining your search
  • Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, click on the session and you will be brought to the session history for a more detailed look


  • Turn on transcription in the background of a meeting to record the entire session. You can then easily look up what was said in any meeting afterwards.
  • Make it a standard practice to name each session right as you start so you can easily look for the meeting in search later
  • Name all the files you share accordingly so they are easily searchable later on
  • Keep a record of any important URLs in your session history by adding them to the notes or chat messages during the session
  • Put key meeting details into the notes so that it can be easily found through the search function in the future
  • Keep in mind that anything in a private room will not be searchable

Learn more on YouTube.