Conducting Remote Technical Interviews using RemoteHQ

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Conducting Remote Technical Interviews using RemoteHQ

As more interviews are conducted remotely via video conference calls, the question of how to best conduct technical interviews remotely keeps coming up.

What happens today

When interviewing candidates, companies can run them through a range of technical questions - from singular technical questions to more collaborative pair programming tests. The most common method companies use to conduct this is via screen share - you ask candidates to go to a web-based IDE, and then share that IDE. For more involved interviews, the interviewer may ask candidates to set up an IDE and simple environment before the interview, and then share their screen.

This unidirectional communication is a clunky experience at best. At worst, it yields an inaccurate evaluation of the candidate.

A better way with RemoteHQ

With RemoteHQ, you can combine video conferencing with our Shared Browser app to create a smooth and organic interview experience. Our Shared Browser app is a secure, virtual browser in the cloud that anyone in a RemoteHQ room can control.

It takes only minutes to set up:

Step 1: Create a RemoteHQ room. No download is required; use any major browser.

Step 2: Invite the candidate by sharing the room URL. You are both connected via video conferencing

Step 3: Add the Shared Browser app to your RemoteHQ room, and then enter the URL of your web-based IDE.

At this point, you and the candidate can see and interact with the IDE. The candidate can take control of the Shared Browser to complete the technical exercise, and you can take back control to add comments or suggestions in the code.

This back-and-forth collaboration is a natural experience, as if both of you are in the same physical room together.

The following clip shows RemoteHQ facilitating a data science/machine learning interview.

Quick example of an interview using Jupyter Notebook

With the Shared Browser in private mode, you can set up interview questions on the web-based IDE before the candidate joins. When you’re ready to begin the interview, just turn the Shared Browser from private to edit mode.

Session recording and transcription

RemoteHQ supports real-time transcription and audio recording, so you have artifacts to review or share with colleagues.

The recordings and transcripts are automatically saved to the session log, after the interview. You can access your session logs by visiting your room dashboard at

Video and screen recording coming soon.

Free RemoteHQ offer in times of COVID-19

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