Watch YouTube Videos Together, Remotely!

Watch YouTube Videos Together, Remotely!

Have you noticed you can't really share videos over web conferencing? So did we. That's why we just released our native YouTube integration.

What's new

You can now share and watch any YouTube video together with your colleagues and friends in any RemoteHQ room.

How it works

Rick Astley approves

You can access the YouTube app under the "Open Apps" button. Launch the app.

How to access our YouTube app

Paste any YouTube video URL into the the video URL field and hit enter (or click load video) to load the video. Then hit play.

Global control (affects everyone in the room)

  • Play/Pause - The video is synch'ed across all participants - everyone is watching the exact same video at the same playback time. If a participant pauses a video, every participants' video is paused. If another participant starts playing the video again, everyone's video plays again

Local control (affects only you)

  • Volume - Each participant can control their own YouTube volume
  • YouTube Fullscreen - Each participant can toggle their own YouTube fullscreen display option
  • YouTube CC - Each participant can toggle closed captioning

Use cases

  • Show demo videos to your customers
  • Show videos to students in education or training
  • Watch the next Joe Rogan with your friends 🍷

RemoteHQ offers you the best shared video experience available.

Free RemoteHQ offer in times of COVID-19

To reduce exposure to COVID-19, RemoteHQ is offering FREE access of our collaboration platform to new users. If your office is closed, or you choose to work remotely, you can use RemoteHQ as your virtual office or workspace.

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Stay safe!

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