Work together and in private!

Mia Nguyen Mia Nguyen
Work together and in private!

📣Announcing Private Rooms

Within RemoteHQ’s workspace, team members can now create and engage in private rooms in addition to team rooms!

With team rooms, it’s a truly shared space - everyone in the workspace can start and join sessions and can see the full session history. Private rooms introduce a way for groups within your workspace to collaborate behind “closed doors” as private rooms are only visible and accessible to those workspace members who have been explicitly invited.

You may notice that you can optionally allow guests to meet with you in your private rooms. This allows folks to meet and work with co-workers or external consultants, without providing access to the room’s session history. Private rooms are great for any team (like HR or Finance) who have meetings which only that team should be privy to!

🔓Why go private?

Private rooms empower groups to do their work individually to avoid distracting the larger team and provide further security for personal conversations.

For example, an HR team may want to create a private room to discuss performance reviews or salary negotiations with other team members in the workspace. Rather than having that in a team room where everyone is able to see the session history, these conversations can be held in a private room where all workspace members are able to be invited to meet in the session but only the members of the private room are allowed to review the captured content in the session history.

To begin adding private rooms, press the plus button next to “My Private Rooms” in the room list!

Work smart,

Mia & the RemoteHQ team