Published 18 Mar 2021 3 min read

Datapay's Innovative Always On Approach to Remote Work

with Ryan O’Sullivan, Partner at Datapay.

Datapay offers payroll services where they take care of all of their client’s payroll needs, from their first payroll through year-end reporting. Each client's report package for payroll can be customized to suit their unique needs. Their tax services allow clients to focus on running their business, not filling out tax returns. Datapay has strived to make the payroll process quick and easy for their customers in the last 40 years. And they have been a long time user of RemoteHQ, using an innovative always on approach with the platform.  

Always On Approach for Customer Support

Datapay’s team works a little differently than most, where most things are done in real time. There is constant communication between the team and everyone works closely together on customer support, which is vital to their business. The team receives many calls throughout the day with client questions and payroll reports. Oftentimes clients will call in the payroll for the month and forget someone’s hours or log something incorrectly. When the client calls back to resolve the mistake, the service representative they were speaking with previously is not always available again. This can slow down productivity as the new rep has to relearn the customer’s case which can cause a lot of confusion and impatience from the customer quickly. Fortunately, Datapay bypasses this potential miscommunication by using RemoteHQ as an always on communication tool. 

Rather than jumping on scheduled calls as most remote teams do, Datapay uses an always on approach which means the entire team is always on a call together. They have found this to be the best approach to stay connected and provide the most efficient customer support. With a hybrid team of remote and in office workers, Datapay uses RemoteHQ in order to speak to each other constantly. This helps to ensure there isn’t anything forgotten and the client is able to pick up on a support case wherever they left off. A RemoteHQ session is always running on a TV in the Datapay office and all team members are joined in so they hear and see everything that is going on in the physical office. This has been vital during the pandemic as the team has been fully remote for months. 

"It saves us time on the backend because instead of us trying to call/message somebody, we can turn to them and ask. Or you already know what happened since everybody is in the same RemoteHQ room. It’s literally like we are in the office." 

Ryan O’Sullivan
Partner at Datapay

Their office uses RemoteHQ throughout the entire work day as a way for everyone to be connected and the team loves it. When they aren’t taking customer calls, the team uses their always on approach to catch up and interact as if everyone were in the office. They can easily “turn around” and speak to their coworker next to them - everyone is always in touch with each other. This has helped keep up team morale and employee engagement during the pandemic. The remote versus in person office experience has been unified.

"We always have Remote HQ on allowing all employees to talk throughout the day. It enabled us to act as if we were in the office, even though all employees were remote."

Ryan O’Sullivan
Partner at Datapay


Datapay’s clients have been impressed with the RemoteHQ platform as well. Client onboarding has been moved away from Zoom as Datapay utilizes the multitude of features RemoteHQ provides. The Remote Browser has been essential in streamlining the client onboarding process as multiple participants are able to interact within the browser. There is less time spent asking someone to click something or move to another page and everyone has found this to be a major time saver. 

Regarding their own RemoteHQ onboarding experience, Datapay says they were up and running within a day and haven't looked back. The team was in desperate need of a solution to keep their staff speaking and collaborating throughout the workday while remote. This not only solved their issue but also allowed for future employees to work remotely if needed; something they had never thought of doing. 

The always on approach is unique and not commonly used. It could be the solution for your small remote team - try it out and see if RemoteHQ could be the solution for you!

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