All users get 15 free sessions at our Pro tier. At the end of your trial you have the option to remain on Pro, downgrade to Standard or use our Free version.

To invite people to an unlocked room, send them the URL to your room and begin collaborating immediately. You can also follow the steps below.

To invite people to a locked room:

  1. Click Invite participants in the navigation bar of your room
  2. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite and select Send Invite
  3. Wait for the participant* you’ve invited to join your session.

*Approved participant can join your room at any time, and you can remove their access by clicking on Invite participants again and deleting their name.

RemoteHQ supports up to 15 participants in a room. Depending on the plan this number could be less.

RemoteHQ encrypts all end-to-end data communications in transit and at rest.

By default, any room that you create while you are logged into RemoteHQ is owned by you. No one else can create a room with the same URL. To restrict room access, ensure that you lock the room.

After you create a room, you can lock it and then invite specific people to join the room. You can remove their access anytime by clicking on Invite participants and removing their name from the pop-up.

We store your app artifacts and session logs even after you delete a room. A new room host cannot see the content from your previous RemoteHQ sessions, and you cannot see the data from any subsequent sessions.

Quality is primarily determined by your and other participants’ available bandwidth. Participants with low bandwidth will have a red dot next to their names. If your bandwidth is low, turn off video to improve audio quality by selecting the camera icon in your room navigation bar. All participants can plug in a network cable to improve the stability of their network connection.

Quality is primarily determined by your available bandwidth. Plug in a network cable to improve the stability of your network connection.