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Connect Slack with RemoteHQ and co-browse the Internet securely with Remote Browser.

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Connect Webex by Cisco and RemoteHQ and co-browse the Internet right from the Messenger or Meetings

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Connect Intercom with RemoteHQ and co-browse the Internet securely with Remote Browser.

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Customize or white-label our co-browsing solution with our embeddable browser.

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Reasons why cobrowsing integrates well with your workflow.

No download

Our solution is browser-based. Users do not have to download any software. As such, you can just share a URL to co-browse immediately with others.


Unlike screen share, you can give others control of the website being shared. The host can grant granular viewing and control rights to others, enabling plenty of flexibility.

No pixelation and freezing

Unlike screen share, the Remote Browser will never pixelate or freeze, since it lives in the cloud with 50-100x more bandwidth than the typical home or office connection.

100% private and secure

The Remote Browser, by default, is a single-use browser - each session creates a brand new browser, installed from scratch and deleted upon session completion. No browser is used twice, and nothing is ever saved.

RemoteHQ's Remote Browser enable us to reduce our ticket resolution time by 70%. It is fast, intuitive and allows customers and agents see and control the same webpage. We use it as an escalation mechanism in tickets where customers and agents are talking past each other. As a result, we can scale our ticket throughput and customers are happier.

Anthony A.
CEO of Omni Matic

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