Introducing Web
Co-browsing for Intercom

Co-browse and co-control any website together. Turn any web application instantly multiplayer using RemoteHQ’s Remote Browser, our collaborative cloud-based browser. No download required!

Launch it in any location around the world with one click.

40 minutes free trial on us, then $5 per month

Instead of screen sharing a website, use RemoteHQ’s Remote Browser



Simplest way to co-browse and co-control any website with your colleagues or customers.

No pixelation or freezing

No pixelation or freezing

Remote Browser lives in the cloud with lots of bandwidth and resources.



Takes only seconds to launch a Remote Browser and get up and running.

Browse privately. Browse together. Browse faster.

RemoteHQ’s Remote Browser is a secure and ephemeral browser running in the cloud. Use it by yourself or co-browse with others. No download.

Get started

See our Intercom integration in action

Trigger RemoteHQ app
Step 1

Trigger RemoteHQ app

Click on RemoteHQ application icon and start your session. The app will automatically send your session link to your recipient.

Co-browse the web
Step 2

Ensure your interlocutor enters the URL

Join session and wait for your guest to join the session. Now you can co-browse the Internet!


Three simple steps to get you up and running with Remote Browser


Install the RemoteHQ intercom app

Go to the Intercom Messenger Marketplace and search for RemoteHQ. Click "Install Now" and confirm installation by clicking "Connect".


Connect RemoteHQ and Intercom and co-browse your product with your customers.

We automatically create an account for you and connect it with Intercom. Everything is done under the hood. We will ask you for your credit card details to continue using RemoteHQ after your trial period ends.


Is RemoteHQ now available?

Yes! Now you can co-browse any webpage with your customers. Simply trigger the RemoteHQ application from the list of available apps in your Messenger window.

Why remote teams love RemoteHQ


Team Collaboration

Turn any web app into multiplayer mode and give everyone control. There is no more miscommunication over where to click on screen share or worrying about pixelation. Collaborate on a variety of apps such as Trello, Figma, and Miro without leaving the workspace. Remote Browser will help your team increase productivity and save time. Empower everyone to take action.

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Sales Demo

Instead of screen sharing your demo, use Remote Browser to do a demo walkthrough. Give your prospects the opportunity for an instant test drive as part of the demo in a controlled setting. Let them experience the true power of your product firsthand. Remote Browser will help increase sales conversion.

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Customer Support

With Remote Browser, you can resolve customer issues quickly, collaboratively and in real-time, in your customer’s account within your web app. No more tedious back and forth on email or IM chat. You can support and train customers efficiently and collaboratively to make a sustainable impact and reduce churn. Leverage Remote Browser to troubleshoot together as you work on the same page.

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Training and Onboarding

Turn passive sessions into active ones. You can seamlessly hand over control to users at the right juncture so users can learn by doing. With Remote Browser, you can start by showing the way and then let the user take action. Enable your customers and team members to learn by doing and improve the customer experience.

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Connect Slack with RemoteHQ and co-browse the Internet securely with Remote Browser.

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