The Ultimate Co-Browsing Solution

Instantly launch a cloud-based browser in any location around the world with one click. Browse the web faster and in the most secure way. There is no software to install or download. This is included in all pricing plans.

What is Remote Browser?

In short, it’s an ephemeral browser in the cloud that you can use to browse any website or app together with your team. With the Remote Browser, you can jointly control any website with anyone. It turns any website instantly collaborative, bypassing miscommunication between users and replacing screen share, a 30+ year old invention. While screen sharing a website only allows others to view but not control, Remote Browser allows you to seamlessly hand over control to someone else. Simply access any website with your Remote Browser and share the URL with anyone to co-control. You can selectively give viewing or control rights to anyone. The power of Remote Browser is limitless. 

Benefits of Remote Browser

  • Collaborative/Multiplayer

    Remote Browser can be run in shared mode, aka shared Remote Browser, where multiple users can control a page. You no longer have to pass screen share control back and forth or tell someone where to click, just do it yourself. 

  • Browse faster

    Remote Browser is streamed from the cloud to your computer for speed and security. With 4Gbps connection, it will load pages much faster than your standard browser. 

  • 100% malware & privacy protection

    Since we only stream the visuals of the Remote Browser from the cloud, your computer is 100% isolated from malware. The Remote Browser is destroyed at the end of your session and no session data is stored. With this, there is no web tracking or exposed IP addresses. 

  • No pixelation or freezing

    Remote Browser lives in the cloud with lots of bandwidth resources. That means bad bandwidth or spotty wifi no longer causes screen share pixelation or freezing.

What do you use it for?

Increase Productivity

Team Collaboration

Turn any web app into multiplayer mode and give everyone control. There is no more miscommunication over where to click on screen share or worrying about pixelation. Collaborate on a variety of apps such as Trello, Figma, and Miro without leaving the workspace. Remote Browser will help your team increase productivity and save time. Empower everyone to take action.

Increase Close Rates and Reduce Sales Cycle

Sales Demo

Instead of screen sharing your demo, use Remote Browser to do a demo walkthrough and give your prospects the opportunity for an instant test drive as part of the demo in a controlled setting. Let them experience the true power of your product firsthand. Remote Browser will help increase sales conversion. 

Reduce Churn and Ticket Resolution Time

Customer Support

With Remote Browser, you can resolve customer issues quickly, collaboratively and in real-time, in your customer’s account within your web app. No more tedious back and forth on email or IM chat. You can support and train customers efficiently and collaboratively to make a sustainable impact and reduce churn. Leverage Remote Browser to troubleshoot together as you work on the same page.

Improve Customer Success and Retention

Training and Onboarding

Turn passive sessions into active ones, where you can seamlessly hand over control to users at the right juncture, so users can learn by doing. With Remote Browser, you can start by showing the way, and then letting the user take action. Enable your customers and team members to learn by doing and improve the customer experience. 

How to use Remote Browser?

  • 01

    Start session in RemoteHQ

  • 02

    Click "Open Apps" & launch Remote Browser

  • 03

    Choose geo closest to your location

  • 04

    Choose permissions

  • 05

    Start browsing

Experience limitless power of Remote Browser.