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What makes #RemoteHQ interesting is that it isn’t just about chatting on camera with colleagues & having one participant share the slide presentation they’re working on Rather, everyone participating in a meeting can collaborate on the same document, tweaking the text on the slide or resizing an image. And works-in-progress can stay in that virtual 'room' from one meeting to the next — sort of like leaving sketches on a whiteboard....

What we love the most about RemoteHQ is the ability to put a shared notepad in the center of the conversation instead of people's videos (we still see the videos on the sidebar or chose to make them a little bit bigger if we want, but notes are our main thing), that has been HUGE for us compared to our zoom calls where no one was taking notes! And we love that notes, chat logs, files etc.... All stay easily accessible in the session's history! I don't count how many times we went back to check on our notes or chat from a specific call... game changer honestly.

Shared Browser! An amazing tool that lets me interact with clients very seamlessly. I've never co-browsed with a team remotely before. It's hard to go back to other video platforms and standard screenshare now

I've been using RemoteHQ for awhile and the user experience gets better and better. Switched from Google Hangouts and Zoom to RemoteHQ because it's so much better and smoother. Screen sharing (including controls) makes it so much easier to interact with my remote team/customers when discussing new features/feedback, and taking notes. Good job guys!

Better than some other, more limited software offerings that only focus on video, RemoteHQ provides functionality to collaborate in real-time. It is like Zoom+Google Docs wrapped in a convenient package

I used RemoteHQ for a while now - great platform for team collaboration and communication. It beats the pants off Zoom, Google Meet and other platforms we tried.

Everything is in one place and the platform is quick to learn. RemoteHQ has helped resolve customer problems much better and faster than through email. I can use the Shared Browser to show customers something and also video chat and also draw on the whiteboard all at the same time.


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