Shared Browser

The Ultimate Co-Browsing Solution

Use Shared Browser For

Increase Productivity

Team Collaboration

Turn any web app into multi-player mode and give everyone control. No more verbally directing one another over screen share or worrying about pixelation. Empower everyone to take action.

Delight Customers

Customer Support

Support and train customers efficiently and collaboratively to make a sustainable impact. Leverage Shared Browser to troubleshoot together as you work on the same page.

Teach by Doing

Training & Onboarding

Turn passive sessions into active ones. Show them the way, and then let them take action. Enable your customers and team members learn by doing.

Increase Sales Conversion

Sales Demo

Let your prospects feel the value of your product themselves. Allow them to test drive in a controlled setting with you there each step of the way.

Here’s How the Magic Works

Our superpower is our virtual machine technology. It creates secure, interactive sandboxed environments that allow teams to make any web or non-web services act as if they were like a Google Doc!

  • Lives in the cloud

    Shared browser spins up a web page that lives on neither of the participants’ computers. It lives in the cloud! Browsing and editing are done in incognito mode with no digital trail with a strong enough bandwidth that there’s no pixalation or freezing.

  • No Download Necessary

    Forget the hassle of trying to convince your entire team to download and install something new. RemoteHQ is completely browser and cloud-based. No software downloads and version maintenance required. It’s as easy as clicking a URL link and joining the meeting!

  • Adjustable Permission Settings

    Alter your permissions model to your liking to make shared browser private, view-only, or editable by all. Depending on the use case, your approach may vary but you’re always in control of who can see and engage.

Extend Collaboration Beyond Screen Share