Use Cases

RemoteHQ empowers businesses and individuals to work faster, more productive and with 100% security.

  • Sales

    Interactive product demos for sales teams

  • Remote Work

    New remote work software with co-browsing

  • E-learning

    Expand virtual classroom with cobrowsing

  • Onboarding & Training

    Training that clicks instantly

  • Customer Support

    Cut down on your average call handle time

Browse privately. Browse together. Browse faster.

RemoteHQ’s Remote Browser is a secure and ephemeral browser running in the cloud. Use it by yourself or co-browse with others. No download.

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We saw around a 33% increase in customer satisfaction, due to the fact that we were able to access sensitive platforms via the client’s own desktop, without them needing to share logins. This put them instantly at ease and greatly increased the chances of landing a contract.

Mehdi B.
Cofounder & Head of Growth
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Co-browsing Guide

Collaborative browsing, or cobrowsing, is a cloud browser technology that allows multiple users to browse and control the same web page or app simultaneously. The RemoteHQ co-browser is powered by our Remote Browser.