Customer Support

Cut Down On Your Average Call Handle Time

Issue Resolution

Troubleshoot on the same page – literally

Leverage shared browsing with our Remote Browser to solve problems while on the same page with your customer. Trade inefficient email, chat, and screenshots for real-time collaborative troubleshooting and streamlined support.

Knowledge Sharing

Teach them how to fish (forever)

Automatically create a customer reference file complete with notes, messages, uploads, and anything else accessed during a support session, then share the summary with your customer to as a continuous reference.

Why customer support teams love RemoteHQ

  • Co-Control Any Web App

    Our shared browser allows teams to turn any website into a multi-player experience and get on the same page – literally.

  • Nothing to Download

    RemoteHQ is fully browser-based, allowing team members to join at the click of a button, no downloads necessary.

  • Screen Share with Context

    Team members can share their screen while seeing the location of all colleagues’ cursors.

  • Share Files While Presenting

    Upload files directly to the workspace to instantly share with all callers for stronger, more productive conversations.

  • Bring in Your Existing Tools without Switching Screens

    Leverage a shared whiteboard for real-time brainstorming, review files over Figma, collaborate on Google Drive, and keep on task with Trello – all without leaving RemoteHQ.

  • Session Notes are Finally Functional

    Create a digital trail for every call and reference it in the cloud or export it to share with others. Capture call transcripts, audio recordings, notes, files, and more.

This could be your support call

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Screenshot of example collaborative session in RemoteHQ

Name your session to easily locate and share.

Push your layout to others to get everyone in sync.

Access your favorite tools, including Remote Browser, notes, and more.

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Truly be there for your customers