Customer Support

Support your customers by problem-solving together

Resolving Issues

Troubleshoot together

By leveraging our shared browser technology, solve issues alongside your customer on the same page. Forget communicating through email, IM chat, and screenshots. Troubleshoot from the same page for more effective, streamlined support.

Knowledge Sharing

Automatically capture and share back content

Want to create a playback for your customer for continuous reference? We got you covered. RemoteHQ automatically documents all app artifacts utilized during a support session for later review. From notes, chat messages, files uploaded, and more. Share the summary with your customer for them to keep in their back pocket!

Live Chat

Embed a RHQ "Talk to Us Live" button on your product

Talk to your customers when they most need it. When your team signals they're available for live support, the live chat button will appear on your product. If a customer clicks it, you'll be notified immediately through Slack and can join the room where your customer is waiting for your help.

How RemoteHQ powers customer support teams

  • Co-Control Any Web App

    Our shared browser technology allows teams to turn any website together into multi-player mode so they can work together on the same page - literally!

  • No Software Download

    RemoteHQ is fully browser-based meaning that team members can join at the click of a button with no downloads necessary!

  • Augmented Screen Share

    Have team members share their screen when leading a discussion while also being able to identify team members cursor on the screen.

  • File Sharing & Presentation

    Upload files directly into the workspace real-time to have it be shared to all members on the call to support stronger, more diligent conversations.

  • App Integrations

    Leverage a shared whiteboard for real-time brainstorming or review files over Figma. Teams can also collaborate directly through Google Drive and keep on task with Trello. All while never leaving RemoteHQ.

  • Cloud Documentation

    A digital trail for every call is created, saved to the cloud for optional referencing later on, and can be exported to share with others. Capture content shared including call transcripts, audio recordings, notes, files uploaded, and more.

This could be your support call

Chrome browser navigation bar
Screenshot of example collaborative session in RemoteHQ

Don't forget to name your session so you can easily find it to share afterward.

Push your layout to the other participants on the call to ensure everyone is in sync.

The tools you love, all in one place! Open Shared Browser, Notes, and more.

Trusted by high performance teams

Teams of every size and mission have made RemoteHQ their collaboration hub.

Truly be there for your customers