Remote Work

Work together as if you were next to each other

Stay aligned with your team

Set goals, work on documents, and track progress. When you’re able to properly work within your meetings, you can make an impact from anywhere.

Be on top of what’s going on

See which rooms your team members are talking in and what they’re working on real-time. Review captured session history including notes, chat, files, and meeting attendees. Share meeting summaries internally and externally.

Be at ease with enterprise-grade security

Work securely knowing that your meetings, information, and data is in good hands.

How RemoteHQ powers remote teams

  • Co-Control Any Web App

    Our shared browser technology allows teams to turn any website together into multi-player mode so they can work together on the same page - literally!

  • No Software Download

    RemoteHQ is fully browser-based meaning that team members can join at the click of a button with no downloads necessary!

  • Augmented Screen Share

    Have team members share their screen when leading a discussion while also being able to identify team members cursor on the screen.

  • File Sharing & Presentation

    Upload files directly into the workspace real-time to have it be shared to all members on the call to support stronger, more diligent conversations.

  • App Integrations

    Leverage a shared whiteboard for real-time brainstorming or review files over Figma. Teams can also collaborate directly through Google Drive and keep on task with Trello. All while never leaving RemoteHQ.

  • Cloud Documentation

    A digital trail for every call is created, saved to the cloud for optional referencing later on, and can be exported to share with others. Capture content shared including call transcripts, audio recordings, notes, files uploaded, and more.

This could be your virtual office

Chrome browser navigation bar
Screenshot of example collaborative session in RemoteHQ

Pin apps across reoccurring sessions so you can pick up right where you left off.

Move around tiles to customize a unique work area that works best for you.

Don’t forget to name your session. This way it’ll be easier to find in our session history.

The tools you love, all in one place! Open Google Drive, Trello, Notes and more.

Trusted by high performance teams

Teams of every size and mission have made RemoteHQ their collaboration hub.

Work smarter, not harder