Interactive Product Demos for Sales Teams


Let your prospects test drive your product in real time

Transform your product walkthrough into a multi-player experience at the click of the button. Let your leads feel the value of your product for themselves as you guide them every step of the way.


Upload supporting documents directly to your session

Whether a sales deck or one-pager, supporting materials can be uploaded directly into the meeting for seamless review.

Knowledge Sharing

Tell them what you told them

Automatically create a reference file complete with notes, messages, uploads, and anything else accessed during a demo, then share the summary with your prospect to for continuous reference.

Why sales teams love RemoteHQ

Co-Control Any Web App

Our shared browser allows teams to turn their product or service into a multi-player experience to offer prospects a taste of their tech.

Salesforce Integration

The integration allows you to send meeting notes and participants details directly to specific account or client in Salesforce. Check out our blog post for salesforce integration details.

Nothing to Download

RemoteHQ is fully browser-based, allowing team members to join at the click of a button – no downloads necessary.

Automatic Documentation

Create a digital trail for every call and reference it in the cloud or export it to share with others. Capture call transcripts, audio recordings, notes, files, and more.

Share Files While Presenting

Upload files directly to the workspace to instantly share with all members on the call for stronger, more productive conversations.

Private Notes

Private session notes are automatically saved to the session log, from which they can be pushed to your CRM system for sales data enrichment.

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Learn more on co-browsing

Co-browsing Guide

At RemoteHQ, co-browsing is powered by our Remote Browser. The Remote Browser, is a cloud-based technology that allows multiple users to browse and control the same web page or app simultaneously.

Third party apps

We understand remote workflow, thus we integrated industry leading applications right in your Remote Browser sessions

Google Drive
Microsoft Office

Frequently Asked Questions

Are guests free?


Is the service free?


Who has access to my workspace, rooms, session history, and artifacts?


Browse privately. Browse together. Browse faster.

RemoteHQ’s Remote Browser is a secure and ephemeral browser running in the cloud. Use it by yourself or co-browse with others. No download.

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