Provide a more immersive and personalized demo experience


Let your prospect test-drive your product real-time

We'll give you the superpower to turn your product walk-through from a view-only to a multi-player mode at the click of the button. Let your prospects feel the value of your product themselves. You can be there each step of the way!


Upload files directly to the session to review real-time

Whether a sales deck or one-pager, upload any necessary sales material directly into the meeting for ease of viewing and sharing.

Knowledge Sharing

Automatically capture and share back content

Want to create a playback for your prospects for continuous reference? We got you covered. RemoteHQ automatically documents all app artifacts utilized during a session for later review. From notes, chat messages, files uploaded, and more. Share the summary with your prospect or even teams members to keep everyone algined & informed.

How RemoteHQ powers sales teams

  • Co-Control Any Web App

    Our shared browser technology allows teams to turn their product or service into multi-player mode so their prospect can go for a test-drive in a controlled setting. Don't simply show and tell, let them experience it themselves!

  • No Software Download

    RemoteHQ is fully browser-based meaning that prospects can join at the click of a button with no downloads necessary! Simply send a URL to have a prospect join your session in one click - making it as frictionless as possible for them.

  • Cloud Documentation

    A digital paper trail for every call is created, saved to the cloud for optional referencing later on, and can be exported to share with others. Capture content shared including call transcripts, audio recordings, notes, files uploaded, and more.

  • File Sharing & Presentation

    Upload files directly into the workspace real-time to have it be shared to prospects. Present the file directly to a prospect or let them download it for future reference.

  • Emoji Reactions

    Encourage prospects and team members to not disrupt the sales narrative, but enhance it with nonverbal communication. Give a thumbs up, cheer a feature, or raise your hand to ask a question.

  • Private Notes

    Take notes privately during the session. Notes are automatically saved to the session log, and can be pushed to your CRM system for sales data enrichment.

This could be your next sales demo

Chrome browser navigation bar
Screenshot of example collaborative session in RemoteHQ

Move around tiles to customize a unique work area that works best for you.

Push your work area layout to other participants on the call to ensure everyone is in sync.

The tools you love, all in one place! Open Shared Browser, Google Drive, Notes, and more to empower your sales demo.

Declutter your work area and let minimized tiles live here in the gutter.

Trusted by high performance teams

Teams of every size and mission have made RemoteHQ their collaboration hub.

Let your prospects experience the magic for themselves